Logistics means– drawing on the DIN definition – the entirety of activities involved in the establishment, maintenance, and improvement of the availability of all persons and materials that constitute the precondition for ongoing support or securing processes within a system.

Logistics is therefore responsible for assuring that capacities are available. Logistical questions play a very important role today since well-functioning logistics are essential to business success. This includes both internal processes in the company, referred to also as intra-logistics, and the entire flow of materials in which the transfer points in the software systems are of decisive importance. The integration of upstream suppliers and customers into the company’s logistics chain has also begun to play a more and more important role in competition.

Through a suitable integration into b.i.g. - Logistics Engineering in the early planning phases of large projects, it is possible to plan, build, and later start operations in a way that is logistically optimal from the very outset, which can result in considerable savings especially for production facilities, airports and sports arenas.  

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  • Construction Site Logistics
    b.i.g. plans and realises construction logistics concepts. Successful running of demanding construction works is increas...
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  • Intra-logistics
    b.i.g. – engineers consult and draft designs for optimal logistics processes. In order to be able to achieve a targeted ...
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  • Materials Flow
    Planning and controlling the flow of materials has become a critical factor in success. Due to electronic ordering syste...
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  • Factory Planning
    Not every factory is built on untouched fields anymore, and not every object can be planned without tight constraints on...
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