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Rapid data networks and telecommunication are the basis for modern communication.

The engineers at b.i.g. plan data and telecommunication networks of every size. Along with the technical performance and reliability of a network, its electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) must be taken into account in planning according to the EMC-Act.

The b.i.g. engineering team is experienced in designing of modern telecommunication infrastructure. One of such projects has been realized for Commerzbank in Frankfurt. Today all telecommunication equipment is considered as an existentially important component of the building infrastructure. Good telecommunication solutions are focused on a company’s business processes, organizational work-flows and efficiency requirements. The current state-of-the-art technologies are playing a significant role in design of telecommunication systems, which includes WLAN, fiber-optic technology and UMTS.

Ethernet gain domination in the area of local networks, both for business and home networks. A network structure of this kind is inexpensive, efficient and easy to understand. Fiber-optic cabling is generally preferred for longer distances. There are also different types of cables, such as multi-mode or mono-mode.

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