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1981 – b.i.g. - bechtold INGENIEURGESELLSCHAFT MBH founded by Gisela and Bernd Bechtold. The company has six employees and its headquarters in Gartenstrasse, Karlsruhe, Germany.

  • 1987 Founding of b.i.g. sicherheit gmbh
  • 2000 Award Service Provider of the Year
  • 2002 Award Service Provider of the Year
  • 2006 b.i.g. celebrates its 25th. anniversary
  • 2007 Founding of netzwerk mensch ggmbh
  • 2011 Daniela Bechtold is appointed as an additional managing partner
  • 2011 b.i.g. celebrates its 30th. anniversary
  • 2011 Founding of b.i.g. TxTech gmbh
  • 2013 Founding of b.i.g. bechtold engineering gmbh



Facts and figures


Founded 1st. July 1981
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Status: March 2014


EUR 61m in 2005
EUR 64m in 2006
EUR70m in 2007
EUR 71m in 2008
EUR 72m in 2009
EUR 75m in 2010
EUR 78m in 2011
EUR 84m in 2012
EUR 85m provisionally in 2013
EUR 84m expected in 2014

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Business segments

  • Engineering planning
  • Security services
  • Facility management, building services
  • Personnel services
  • Training and further education
  • + Complex  combinations of services

b.i.g. offers its customers over a hundred services from a single supplier.





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