Our customer is always at the center of our business universe, where we have b.i.g.-Group employees, motivated and committed to achieve common success together with our customer. Since 1994, b.i.g.-Group implements corporate policy with values, which are the foundational base and philosophy for all group companies and 3,000 b.i.g. employees.


Company Principles

  • Satisfied customers through high quality, reliability, and constant service
  • Motivated, engaged, successful employees
  • Work efficiently to earn profits
  • Always be better than others
  • Protect jobs
  • Constant training and continuing education, quality assurance
  • Search for, develop, and implement innovative techniques and services
  • Transparent organisational structure


b.i.g. was founded by entrepreneurs Gisela and Bernd Bechtold and has developed to a complex service provider since 1981. In this time b.i.g. has grown continuously independent of broader economic ups and downs. The foundation for this success is found in the unique traits that distinguish the b.i.g.-Group from its competitors in key points.



What makes the b.i.g.-Group unique for you as our customer?


b.i.g. – all services from a single source

  • You have just one contact partner, but can rely on several specialists within the b.i.g. – Group.
  • This assures you get uniform quality in all services. 


b.i.g. – innovative and creative solutions

  • Enter your services package into our think tank.
  • We will create the optimal package for you meeting your requests and exploiting all synergy effects. 


b.i.g. – Your Partner

  • We will take care of you personally
  • We are there for you 24 hours a day


b.i.g. – dedicated employees

  • Our employees perform at a high level
  • b.i.g. works for them [goes to the line for them?]


b.i.g. – meets your requests

  • We take care of you holistically
  • We think our way into your problem and make sensible offers b.i.g. – Responsibility for your values
  • We identify with the work
  • We think about how to protect your values


b.i.g. – Skill

  • Each individual company in the b.i.g.-Group has qualified personnel with experience in the respective industry 
  • In the Group our know-how is therefore mutually re-enforcing


b.i.g. – good price-performance ratio

  • We optimise your order always in your interest
  • We offer actively more favourable prices if there are new techniques or synergies


b.i.g. – excellent service

  • We work from conviction
  • With us you get that extra »push«


b.i.g. – honest and reliable

  • We keep our word
  • We want a fair, long-term partnership 


b.i.g. – technologically at the state of the Art

  • We are service providers with engineering expertise 
  • Our employees are up-to-speed with the most modern technology


b.i.g. – high quality

  • We live out active quality management
  • b.i.g. has references and recommendations


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