Approvals and awarding contracts

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Before and during the planning phase not all project participants are active, so that in this phase the client has a greater need of support. Advising and accompanying the client at this stage in the approval and contract award processes is one of the strengths of b.i.g. Project Management

During the approval and planning phases we can also provide the following services:

  • Coordination of the planning participants
  • Preparing a schedule for “planning the planning”
  • Monitoring the planning operations and checking that the planning will achieve the project objectives
  • Organisation, coordination and documentation of all interfaces (management of the interfaces between planners and to the authorities)
  • Preparation of and accompanying the approval process including following up any obligations


Over the course of the approval process the following services can be made available:

  • Development of awarding concepts
  • Preparation and carrying out VOF, VOB and VOL tendering processes
  • Checking tender documents and preparing cost comparisons
  • Evaluation of quotation documents
  • Development of the general and particular terms of contract
  • Support with the contract-relevant correspondence

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