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Day and night b.i.g.‘s couriers are travelling the roads to deliver our customer’s shipments to their intended destinations. b.i.g. has its own fleet of courier vehicles.

Services to individuals are also important at  b.i.g.. For this reason b.i.g. offers its own chauffeur services. For reasons of efficiency even communities have begun to outsource their chauffeur services to b.i.g. and are thus provided with exactly the chauffeur services that they need. And b.i.g. would not be  b.i.g. if our customers did not get the extra service. This is trained in the field of chauffeur services in our in-house Chauffeur-Academy, which is also available to drivers in other companies.

Test drives, lock-out services, etc.

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Tessa Liesen
Tessa Liesen
+49 721 8206-385
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