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In the field of security services b.i.g. has combined all services that are directly performed for a customer on-site by b.i.g.‘s employees. The field of security services has undergone a considerable professionalization in recent years e.g. through establishing a profession with an apprenticeship stage “Safety and Security Specialist”.  b.i.g. is pleased that an employee completed this apprenticeship in 2008 as best in the nation.

Admittedly, b.i.g. has placed a high premium on qualified continuing education and advanced training of its employees for years and for this reason already runs its own b.i.g. - Academy. The b.i.g. - Academy constantly trains employees from the field of security in specialised seminars in its continuing education and advanced training centre. b.i.g. takes the constantly increasing demands on employees in the field of security into account.

The field of »security services« is defined by a relationship of trust between the principal and the contractor. b.i.g. is aware of this special challenge and accepts the challenge every day in uniform quality.  b.i.g. defines itself through working out highly individual customer requests where it is possible to draw on the skills of the entire b.i.g.-Group. b.i.g. can also provide all the services relating to buildings or properties along with security services.


Services in this area

  • Factory security services
  • Patrol checks
  • Reception services  
  • Expo service  
  • Patrol services  
  • Event surveillance  
  • Bus and rail  
  • Airports
  • Cargo security  
  • Security at schools  
  • Fire safety  

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