Cash and Valuables Handling

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In the field of cash and valuables b.i.g. is primarily a partner for banks, savings banks and chains for which b.i.g. takes on transport of cash and valuables, but also handles other services such as cash-management, money processing and other services. b.i.g. also handles cash machine services and optimises cash inventories in order to keep the costs of operating cash machines as low as possible.  b.i.g.‘s customers include ostdeutsche Sparkassenverband, the BBBank, ALDI and other well-known large and small customers throughout Germany who completely entrust their cash to b.i.g.


Services in this area:

  • Cash transport
  • Cash processing  
  • Cash machine service
  • Main cash office function
  • Cash management

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Contact person

Tessa Liesen
Tessa Liesen
+49 721 8206-385
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