Costs and contracts

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The financing of a project and its costs are of enormous importance for the client, for this reason intensive monitoring of the commercial aspects is earnestly recommended. Project Management can provide support here ranging from overall cost management through applying for subsidies to checking invoices.

The following services are covered in detail:

  • Support with applications for investment and other subsidies
  • Continuous checking and management of costs, and ensuring the transparency of costs
  • Checking the planners’ various cost calculations and comparing them with our own evaluations
  • Checking quotations against the specified cost targets and for suitability
  • Checking invoices for plausibility and correctness
  • Preparing cost and budget plans and updating them at regular intervals
  • Preparing and monitoring payment plans.

Beyond this, b.i.g. Project Management can provide further services in the fields of contract and modification management. These comprise:

  • Drawing up, negotiating, monitoring and documenting all contracts
  • Contract controlling from the point of view of meeting contractual obligations
  • Rigorous revision and modification management
  • Assistance with legal disputes
  • Management and monitoring of bank guarantees and securities
  • Checking modifications to contracts


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